Well Hello There!

28 Nov

I love food!  And why shouldn’t I?  Everyone has to eat.  We should enjoy it!

I turned 30 last Friday.  I know…I know.  Hold your applause!  Please, it was nothing!  Anyway, as a present from my husband, I received a copy of The Modernist Cuisine at Home.  I’ve looked through the books and they are nothing short of amazing!  The thought and talent that went into creating it makes it probably the most revolutionary cookbook I’ve ever picked up.  It looks at food in an entirely new way, or at least ways that I’ve never thought of cooking it!

So I’ve challenged myself to explore this book to see what it’s all about.  My goal is to cook all the recipes in the book, try the techniques, and ultimately see if the “modernist” way of cooking really is the revolutionary next step in home cuisine.


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